squ1rrel is the Vanderbilt CTF Club’s competitive team.

A Capture the Flag (CTF) tournament is a type of cybersecurity competition where teams compete to solve different types of challenges to find “flags”, which can be exchanged for points. Currently, we only compete in Jeopardy-style CTFs, which generally have challenges based in binary exploitation, reverse engineering, web exploitation, forensics, and cryptography.

This website houses our writeups for interesting challenges we have solved, which should give you a good idea for what sort of challenges CTFs have.

Our team is nationally and globally ranked – check out our CTFtime profile to see our past performances.

Want to participate?

The club operates on an invite-only basis. If you’re interested and willing to put in the time on weekends to participate, seek out a current member to learn more :) If you’re a Vanderbilt student, you can also reach out to us on Anchor Link!

We’re not looking for previous experience with CTFs – just a willingness to put in the time to learn. By regularly participating in CTFs with the team, you’ll pick up a lot of what goes into solving challenges (while having fun in the process!).